What a wonderful week it was on the farm. Our great friends who own Ca Momi in Napa gifted us with some of their truly delicious pizzas and profiteroles to make my recovery from a surgical procedure easier on me. I was so grateful for the added rest and kindness. I then got inspired to make my own profiteroles since we have this amazing farm cream and voila, see them in the picture above. Here I am piping them onto the parchment paper getting ready to bake them. IMG_3891

Matthew continued his pruning of all the trees while the boys, Jaxon and Jack put mulch around the base of the trees. You can see that the almonds are in full bloom and the nectarine blossoms are coming on in their beautiful pinks! IMG_3902

It was a big week as we begin to make the transition into our own meat products after nearly 40 years of vegetarianism. While I would clearly say we are in transition and that transition is happening deep within our beings, we know it is a necessary and important part of our own growth as well as the sustainability of our farm. Certainly a part of us wants to either deny the inevitability of death or simply not let ourselves get present to the reality of it, for our animals as well as ourselves. But we know that while we die a little bit each day as we open our hearts further to the presence of love, and as we are the caretakers of our farm animals the responsibility for their health and well being lies with us. This is clearly a longer discussion and we invite you to one of our upcoming farm dinners over the next 9 months, where we share more about this process. Here Matthew is straining off beef broth and our freezer full of pastured beef, our pastured beef.

Here are the girls full of Spring clover sitting down chewing their cud in the warm Spring breeze of the midday.

and introducing Jack (blonde) and Jaxon, our apprentices on the farm and a welcome youthful pair of energetic young men.
IMG_3904 (1)

With no rain in sight we have started to irrigate already, which brings me to my question for the week.

How do you nourish your soul? Think about it.

Have a great week,


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